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About Us

The Faculty of Agriculture (FoA) at Far Western University (FWU) stands as a distinguished technical faculty within the university, notable among its nine faculties. Committed to delivering high-quality agricultural education, FoA employs innovative teaching practices with recently updated course curricula. Established in 2019 and nestled in the fertile lands of Tikapur, Kailali, FoA is dedicated to offering affordable programs across various disciplines, catering to both the general public and those from lower socio economic backgrounds.

With well-equipped laboratory facilities and a team of multi-disciplinary professors, FoA ensures a comprehensive learning experience. The faculty actively contributes to the economic development of the Far Western Province in Nepal by introducing relevant courses. Embracing the national multi-university concept, FoA fosters a fair, disciplined, and result-oriented academic atmosphere.

Currently boasting an enrollment of approximately 500 B Sc Ag graduates across different academic years, FoA publishes the magazine 'Krishi Bigyna Prabidhi Darpan' to promote awareness and welfare within the agricultural community. The first batch of about 100 undergraduate students graduated with a prestigious B. Sc. Ag. degree in 2023. Despite the tragic loss of 10 students in the "Earn and Learn" program in Israel due to a devastating attack by Hamas, this year, a total of 93 students are gearing up for internship programs with various governmental, non-governmental, and international organizations in Nepal. FoA's dedicated and skillful faculty members remain committed to fostering excellence in teaching, learning, and research programs.

Additionally, the Faculty of Agriculture has the potential to spearhead impactful programs for the agricultural development of the region. By implementing hands-on training, extension services, and research initiatives focusing on sustainable and climate-smart agriculture, FoA can address the unique challenges faced by the Far Western Province. Collaborative projects with local communities, NGOs, and government bodies, alongside community-based agricultural education programs and the establishment of farmer cooperatives, agribusiness incubators, and specialized courses, demonstrate FoA's commitment to fostering sustainable agricultural practices, community development, and economic growth in the Far Western Province of Nepal.