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Our Vission

The Faculty of Agriculture envisions itself as a pioneering institution in agricultural education, research, and community development. Situated in Tikapur, Kailali district, Nepal. The faculty aspires to be a catalyst for transformative change in the agricultural landscape of the Far Western development region. The vision revolves around cultivating a dynamic learning environment that fosters innovation, critical thinking, and sustainable practices. The faculty aims to produce graduates who are not merely recipients of knowledge but proactive contributors to the advancement of agriculture, equipped with the skills and vision to address the evolving challenges in the field. Central to this vision is a commitment to cutting-edge research and development activities, driving advancements in agricultural practices and technologies. The faculty envisions itself as a hub for collaborative initiatives, forging partnerships with national and international organizations, NGOs, and INGOs to amplify its impact. Emphasizing inclusivity, the vision extends to nurturing a diverse and inclusive academic community, ensuring equal access to educational opportunities for students from various districts of Nepal. Ultimately, the Faculty of Agriculture at Far Western University envisions being a beacon of excellence, producing graduates and engaging in initiatives that contribute significantly to the sustainable development of agriculture in the region and beyond.