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Our Strategies Area and priorities

High potential to establish an agricultural development hub under Far-west Province even as a provincial level university. Have the potential of multi-disciplinary human resources inside the Agriculture Faculty. By the next year the B. Sc. Forestry program will be run. Animal Science and Fishery is the potent area at FWP and planned to execute B Sc Animal Science and B. Sc. Fisheries in its strategic plan (2020/21-2024/25). After the complete establishment of human resources, building infra-structure and laboratory facilities, the B Ac AH will be promoted to B. V. Sc and An. Sc. program. Potential platform to develop a non-formal/ continuing education training center/ incubation program each in Terai, Mid-hill and High-hill districts of FWP in Nepal. Possibilities to run M. Sc. Ag Programs targeting to agricultural farming systems of Far-west Province independently (Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Statistics and Agro-meteorology). Huge chances to collaborate and correspond to other allied national and international institutions/ universities for the growth and development of academics, research and extension in natural resource management (agriculture, animal science and forestry). Expected to engage the young faculties and innovative students to involve in the various research and development works granted by national and international organizations to accomplish their internship program. FoA/FWU raises the issues of quality education in agriculture and call to open Agriculture Council in Nepal.